Benchwarmer Nevermore

26 05 2008

The exciting announcement I alluded to the other day is this: I finally bought an Xbox 360 on Saturday! Wooo!

My dad and Pete and I drove to Best Buy in Burlington because they had a deal where you could get the Pro (premium) and 2 free games: Rainbow Six: Vegas and Ghost Recon 2: Advanced War Fighter. While I’ve never been a really big into the shooter genre, I knew these are both very decent games and thought I’d buy 2 others on top of that. Unfortunately, that bundle deal had ended the day before. After coming close to walking up to the register with a console under my arm, we decided to go have a look in EB Games just around the corner. I was skeptical that we’d find a better deal, but lo and behold, they were offering something very interesting: the Elite, with one free game: Assassin’s Creed. I decided that the extra $100 was worth it for a game I wanted to buy anyway, ($60 value) 120gb drive as opposed to 20gb on the Pro, (~$60 value again) and an HDMI cable, which, especially if you buy one from Monster Cable can cost around that as well. Good dealio. Also, the Elite is black. Sweeeet.

Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchase so far. I honestly haven’t been overindulging so far as I expected I would. Turns out most games don’t keep you glued to your seat the way WoW does – I’d forgotten this. That’s a relief. I think I’d lose my mind if I played Call of Duty for 16 hours straight.

Despite not being all-consuming, I have a lot of fun playing – even online, despite my inexperience. My Xbox Live Gamertag is “FutonHero” – explained in the Bio section of my profile: “I’m a cyberspace hero from the relative comfort of my futon.” The eyebrow-raising truth of the matter is, I don’t actually have the futon yet. It’s coming. Unfortunately, what they say about Xbox Live is all true – it’s the bottom of the barrel of gaming communities, which is sad, since it’s such a well-presented, feature-rich service. With a little luck maybe I’ll find the diamonds in the rough. If you’re reading this and are on XBL, feel free to add me and tell me you found me through my blog – I’d think you were so cool. Currently my friend-count amounts to bagel.

Anyway, it feels great to be off the bloggers’ bench and back out on the field. Considerations for future game purchases are: Mass Effect, GTA IV, BioShock, Rock Band, Gears of War, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed when it comes out, and probably others I’m forgetting right now. I want to play Halo 3, but I’d want to play its prequels first. Somehow skipping to number 3 would feel disrespectful. Suggestions welcome.

On a random note, Pete and Paul and I saw Indy 4 last night. I haven’t written a film review in a while, so I think I’ll write that later. Stay tuned.


TalentEgg, etc.

23 05 2008

I just came across this excellent site called TalentEgg, (saw an ad for it on Facebook actually) that’s specifically geared toward Canadian university students and recent graduates and helping them find solid entry-level jobs. It appears to be based in Toronto. Talk about your useful service. Awesome!

Not much else to report. Life goes on as usual. Work keeps me reasonably busy, although I have a bunch of days off starting this Saturday. Hurray! I’m also making my way through a computer science course that I’m taking through distance ed. Word on the street was it’s something of a bird course, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with it. All the content is stuff I’m at least a little familiar with. While some chapters are dead easy, (such as “Hardware: The Components that Make up a Computer”) there are a couple of assignments that are going to push me to learn skills that I wasn’t quite motivated enough to learn on my own – namely CSS, and how to create a database in Microsoft Access. (Hopefully it’ll be a solid stepping stone to more valuable applications like MySQL, which I tried to run tonight for about half an hour before giving up.)

I’ve also got this ongoing project involving some significant improvements to my room. Chiefly this involves replacing some furniture and rearranging things to be more space-efficient. Eventually I’ll probably be repainting as well. I plan to make an exciting purchase this coming Saturday, which I’ll officially announce when it happens.

Every wednesday night for the past few weeks I’ve been attending dance classes at Hammer Hoppers with Sarah. The style is Lindy Hop, which is a breed of Swing, and far more relaxed and social than the ballroom dancing Sarah and I did back in high school. I enjoy it quite a bit, and like to think I’ve got a flare for it – hope to continue in some form after these lessons end. It’s a great crowd as well, so I’ve been lucky enough to start developing a bunch of awesome new friends on top of everything else.

Finally, the excellent combination of my first paycheque tomorrow at midnight and my income tax return, courtesy of the powers that be, means that I’m about to have some spending money at my disposal for the first time since last summer. Needless to say, this is very good.

The Restless Mind of Clifford Stoll

5 05 2008

After watching this TED talk I had one of those cheesy moments where I muttered “Wow” under my breath. I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy this man’s talk so I’m sharing it because I have nothing else to say right now.