Random Things that are Good:

5 06 2008

  • I now own a copy of Convergence Culture and can’t wait to get further into it. My copy of Grand Theft Childhood is on its way.
  • Tomorrow night I’m going to hear the Count Basie orchestra (I know he’s dead, but the band plays on apparently) at the Dundas square in TO. A whole posse of my friends are hitting that up. Seriously excited about this.
  • Yesterday I bought a new pair of jeans and a shirt that I love. They are sexy.
  • I rented Mass Effect for my 360 and think it’s great. I’m still surprised at the extent to which I’m not driven to play too much, though. It’s amazing how much PC gaming is a breed apart from console gaming. At first I definitely wanted to buy it, but now I’m having second thoughts.
  • Might be going camping with the crew on an upcoming weekend, but on the not-so-good side, I may have to sit this one out because of work.
  • My course, CIS 1000, continues to be really on-target in some ways, but pretty bizarre in others. For example, the textbook prophetizes (<<why is WordPress insisting this isn’t a real word?) the rise of ubiquitous computing, with items like cars that drive places for you and have highly-adaptive AI. I like this because it’s what I’m writing about. The course in general also promotes awareness of open-source options, but then absolutely insists that students be running Windows to participate and execute assignments. My upcoming assignment involves creating Excel spreadsheets. The next one has us create a database in Microsoft Access. Like, what? Does anyone even use these apps anymore in real life? If we’re going to be doing databases, I wish they’d teach us MySQL or something. That would be so useful, not to mention, you know, free. Oh well.
  • In short measure I’m becoming a Twitterholic. I’ve been talking about this a lot in my research notes lately, and I’m starting to get ideas about replacing my caller ID-less, clunky old Audiovox phone with something I’d be less reluctant to carry around and update from. Hurry up and get released in Canada, iPhone! Yeah, I’m seriously thinking about it. Time to go check the ol’ bank balance.



2 responses

5 06 2008

I just set myself up with one of these. Despite the inconveniences I experienced last night with it, I’m in love. I’m very happy I bought this one instead of the KRZR I was originally going to get.

13 06 2008

$70 a month contract 4tl :/

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