6 06 2008

So I got let go from Sears today.

Yeah, you read that right. Kind of a shocker. Long story short, they say it’s because they’re having real problems in my department (this is true) and need to make drastic changes…they brought me in for summer hoping it would turn around, and it hasn’t, so they decided to go back on that decision. I was promised glowing references whenever I need them, and left on pleasant terms.

So yeah. Back on the hunt. Oddly enough, the first and foremost concern that keeps coming to mind isn’t so much to do with not having money, but more dreading the incoming stress that comes with being unemployed. Because, before I got my job at Sears back in the first place, I couldn’t enjoy anything I was doing in my spare time because I was always thinking, “I should/could be doing more toward finding a job.” And about an hour after I got the call asking me when I could start working, I was able to sit down and write a long overdue letter to a friend that had been on the back burner for a month. It was at that point I realized what a strain it is to be worrying constantly about finding work, and I definitely don’t want to go back to that.

Anyhoo, worrying aside, at least I can sleep in a little tomorrow.




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