Dead Blog is Not Dead

10 07 2008

It’s not. I’m just busy these days. Well, sort of.

I’m excited because my next and final assignment for CIS 1000 is to create and publish a simple webpage. I’ve been wanting to learn CSS for a looong time, but haven’t had the motivation to sit down and teach myself. Well, now I have to learn. Awesome. I expect this will be hands down the most helpful thing I get out of the course.

So apparently there was a BarCamp in Guelph today and I missed it. Didn’t find out until it was too late. However, apparently there’s another one happening in September, (upstairs in the Albion – I love it) and I am so there. Perhaps, what with my impending CSS mastery and all, I’ll be able to, y’know, demo something myself.  HAHAHA YEAH RIGHT MANG It could totally happen! Totally.

So I rented Bioshock. Didn’t get much time to play it, but I didn’t make much time either. I really respect their hard work, but ultimately the game didn’t really grab me. Kind of unimpressed on the whole, but I will definitely give it another whirl sometime.

So I was away camping last weekend. I got burned, hard. On the night of said burning I got all feverish and that lasted until the next morning. I’m cool now. Get it? Cool?

So I’m on Twitter – a lot. Follow me at It’s probably one of the main reasons I’m not doing much blogging anymore. Between Twitter, Facebook, Twitter integration into Facebook, links, and my other blog, there’s barely any need for this one.

So I bought these new cargo shorts. They’re awesome. I also love Metric these days. I listen to them and The Whitest Boy Alive quite a bit in the car. Like earlier, when I drove to Wendy’s to buy my parents dinner – a plain cheeseburger for dad and a chili for mum – at which time I had one of those encounters where you see someone you knew years ago, but were never really friends with, and neither of you acknowledges that you knew each other; but you think they must remember you, because you remember them. Then again, I have an absurd talent for remembering people.

So yeah, anyways.